Loremaster 2009 Interview Reconstruction Project

by Italian Karsus

Brief Overview

Loremaster.org went down in 2010, and when it came back up, the interactive interviews in the site were not restored, resulting in the loss of a number of answers by several authors, including Ed Greenwood's. Uniquely, Ed Greenwood's answers are considered canon Realmslore by the Forgotten Realms Wiki, and thus, I am interested in retrieving as much of its original text as possible. I know it's 2023 (2024 now), but waiting still doesn't get us closer, so maybe let's do this now rather that after the robots take over.


My first finds were only those posted by Snowblood to dA, where he cites a few segments on a work of homebrew regarding Illefarn and Sharrven to Ed Greenwood's interviews.

I hardly managed any more of a finding for months after, until I caught a glimpse of something in the archived version of loremaster dot org. One of the questions by user Vercingetorix had been discussed, and a bit of the answer too.

Then a few months later, I was given a link to an archived version of the Wizards of the Coast forums, where I was able to track down a few more answers from Loremaster being discussed.

By mere chance, on 04/01/2024, I found a last answer discussed and paraphrased in Candlekeep.

So now on 11/01/2024 I moved this to a github page, so I can edit it without bugging the peeps over at Candlekeep forums. I ramble a lot.

Current finds


First of all, I'm dividing the finds between seven sections (effectively five) Those are:

Section 1: The First Answer of All (1/1 answer)

Section 2: August 14 - September 18, 2009 (3/12 answers)

Section 3: September 18 - November 01, 2009 (6.1/64 answers)

Section 4: November 01 - December 02, 2009 (2/7 answers)

Section 5: December 02, 2009 - January 06, 2010 (0/5 answers)

Section 6: January 06 - June 02, 2010 (1/2 answers)

Unknown dates